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AppMon LDAP Validation



We are involved in a
new installation of AppMon 7 and de the customer requires to integrate User
validation with its coorporative LDAP.
We have explained the possibility they have to add a new field to its
LDAP for Dynatrace populating that field with the Dynatrace Group for each

The thing is that
they cannot update the LDAP structure and cannot add any field for Dynatrace.
The are thinking about the possibility of creating a new LDAP group named for
example 'Dynatrace-Development' and populating it with all the usesr that
belong to that group.

We do not know if it
is possible to to that and create users manually indicating that they are LDAP

Please, coould you
help us?

Thanks in advance.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Typically, I do not ask for any of the LDAP structure to be changed. You can search for and add the LDAP groups that contain the users you would like to grant access to. These will then become groups in AppMon, allowing you to grant the group access and roles as needed, only needing to edit the group, not editing or adding individual users. Authentication for all of these users will be through LDAP.

If one of the users in a LDAP group needs specific permissions, you can manually create a separate group in AppMon that has elevated permissions/role. Once that user has logged in, you can find the specific user's ID and add the extra group to it.

Reference Doc:

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any additional questions.