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AppMon Manual Injection question


We are deploying a cloud hosted web application which we are going to manually inject the UEM JavaScript tag. We are just starting to test out the manual injection, but I wanted to clarify if I need a public facing collector to receive the data from the cloud hosted application? What is the recommended way to get the UEM data since our current AppMon infrastructure is not public facing?



No, you won't need a public facing collector.

However, if the server which is serving the web application content cannot be instrumented you will need to send the monitoring signal to an alternative web server endpoint which is instrumented and user-facing. Any web server supported by the AppMon agent platform should do (Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Jetty, Nginx, Node.js etc.).

See also:


To clarify, I check the box to turn on the CORS option under the UEM application settings and change the monitor request path to point to an instrumented web server ( ie:, correct?

This will allow the JS tag of the un-instrumented site to send it's data to the instrumented web server?

Yes providing it is talking to your Dynatrace Server.


We have not been able to get this to work. The application uses Google Tag Manager to deploy the JavaScript. Does anyone have any experience with manual injection through Google Tag Manager?

Are there unique steps that are needed to make this work?