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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon .NET Agent not showing in Agent Overview


We set up the .NET agents correctly in the .NET configuration tool. It shows that the agents are loaded successfully in the tool. But in the agents overview dashlet in App Client we cannot see the agents and data is not passing through. Does anyone know the possible reason for it? We switched Agent platform to AppMon but not sure if that is gonna affect anything.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Appmon agents are working on different ports.

Agent => Collector 8043

Collector => Server 8041

Check if both connections are open on those ports and agent will show up 🙂


Yeah both are open without issues.

So check agent logs and collector logs. You will find answer so where there

Which ones? Are those ones in the "System Information" in AppMon Client?

If agent is not connected you will not find logs there. You have to log in to monitored server and check logs there. For collector you will find Collector.0.0.log in system information.


I am not able to find the log files for that particular agent group on the monitored server. We only have log files for other agent groups under that System Profile. But we gave the mapped agent group name correctly in the configuration tool.

If you don’t have logs that agent didn’t start up. Check if your mapping doesn’t contain parameters that are changing after each restart. It happens sometimesthat after restart some id is changing and if Appmon is instructed to look for it, it may does not instrument. As I understand log with bootstrap in name for this agent group is missing as well?