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[AppMon] Parameter Monitoring for SOAP

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For one prospect, we would need to monitor SOAP requests, and typically we can find a SOAPAction parameter in the HTTP header, which tells us what the user actually did. We would then like to be be able to report on those requests as separate entry points. Is there a way to configure AppMon (especially with a .NET agent) to report Web Requests with certain parameters? Are we planning any SOAP specific sensor?





Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Jari

That can be achieved by using Business Transactions. Here is what you need to do

1) Make sure to capture the SOAPAction Header. you can capture this in the ASP.NET Sensor Properties by specifying to capture that particular header. you can confirm that it gets captured by looking at the Details of the root node of your PurePath

2) Subscribe a "Web Request - Header Value" measure that returns the value of that SOAPHeader

3) Create a new Business Transaction and use that newly created measure as splitting measure

From now on you have a Business Transaction that splits by SOAPAction value telling you exactly how many calls you had per SOAPAction and how long the execution tool. From there you can drill to the respective PurePaths

To learn more about Business Transactions I recommend the following resources:

Hope this helps


@Andreas G., I have version 7.2 of Appmon.

Is it still possible to get this SOAP header?

I'm trying to get this "Username", but I'm not getting it. Do not return on purepath.

I set the request parameter on my servlet and my Apache, but it returns nothing.

Thank you

xml and the configuration.