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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon Plugin: Trying to fetch the incident for agent or server shutdown from Incident Object in action plugin

Hello There,
I have created Appmon 6.5 Action plugin for Post incident JSON to external service. It works well for all custom alerts we have created along with some OOTB alerts like failure rate too high.
But it seems my plugin does not posts JSON text for two OOTB alerts viz. : "Application Process Shutdown" and "Application Process Unavailable (unexpected)". I am suspecting that incidents object lacks the info about thse two alerts. Are these being captured in env object or not?
Can somebody help pl.? Pl look into the attached the java source file.




Can you post your JSON output from the Java program?

Hi Asad,

Please note that, there is no problem with posting of JSON. The problem is that the above mentioned incidents do not be fected from the incidents action. However pl. find the sample JSON text. samplejson.txt

Any Help please?