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AppMon Purelytics data question



We have an issue wherein we are able to see visits, user actions etc. in the web dashboard under Business Analytics but not able to see the visits in the client dashboard with the same filter and timeframe applied.

Is the Purelytics stored somewhere other than the place where the visits data is stored? As per my understanding, Purelytics data feeds the display in web dashboard while the session store data shows in the visits and user action dashlets in the client. We do see the user actions data in the client but the visits data does not appear with filters applied. Usually, our users drill down from the visits to user actions as they can search for a visit tag in the Visits dashlet in the client. Web dashboard users don't see this issue.

Any idea what could have gone wrong?




Web and Client Dashboards use the samta Datasource. The Purelytics stream is for exporting UEM data, e.g. to elasticsearch.

Are you sure you have selected the same Systemprofile/Application in the Webdashboard and in the client?