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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon Server Log Levels


We are running AppMon 6.x on linux and want to know how to increase or decrease the log levels for the backend and front end servers?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Please check the Server Configuration doc page and search for log level

There are multiple options to do it. either via the command line when you launch the servers or via the server.xml.config


I am trying to run the "dtserver -loglevel" command on a Windows server, but it says it can not be run interactively.  Can the logging level be changed on the the fly for a Windows server or does it require a restart of the Dynatrace service?  How can I verify what logging level the server is currently at?

Hi John

There is an option through the dynatrace client where you can change the log level of the server as well as specify a couple of other options. This is however only available when the client is in DEBUG mode. You can switch the client to this mode with Ctrl-Shift-F9 - you will see a little DEBUG status bar message. Now when you open the Server Settings Dialog under Settings -> General you have a Debug Options button where you can change the log level.

After you change that and closed that dialog please make sure to disable the DEBUG Mode again with the same key combination. The Debug mode helps in certain scenarios but it can also be very dangerous as you can change some settings that you are not supposed to change unless instructed by our technical team



Is there any way to change log levels now in 6.5? Went to the debug options and there is no longer anything for changing the log level. I am wanting FINEST logs for the Server.log files. I tried going through the server.config.xml but it did not change the log level for this specific log.