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AppMon Sizing Settings


Dear All,

I wanted to share a situation with you and maybe few of you also have the same question I am going to ask.

Below screenshots are form our production server where you can see that I am unable to select the xLarge environment because of less physical cores available on the host.

In the second screenshot you can see that the maxim cpu utilization was never above 50%.

This is a physical box with 192GB memory and 16 physical cores. Now my question is that why do we need 24 physical cores even 16 cores are not utilized 100%?





Hello Babar,

I think in a case where you needed to expand your Dynatrace server size to Xlarge your CPU utilization would be very high and there the additional cores would be needed. Right now, I assume you are using the Large server size and your Dynatrace server is handling the current processing very well. In a case where you needed to increase the server size, you would see that the current number of cores, as well as the clock speed, was to low for all the transactions that you wanted to process.

So basically, you don't need the extra large size right now and that is why it seems weird to require so many CPU cores. If your server were in a situation where it needed to be increased then the utilization would be much higher and the additional cores would make more sense.

Hope that helps,

David Nicholls

Hello @David N.

Thank you for your thoughts. We already on the xLarge environment with the perspective of table partitioning and the number of agents/transactions.

As I shared the screenshot where we can see the maximum utilization never crossed 50% of the current cores, therefore, I was wondering that why we need extra cores only for the sizing selection.



Hi Babar,

That is to ensure that is to ensure that the AppMon server has enough resources when you expand your monitoring environment or in case something goes wrong and it needs to process a lot of data at the same time (e.g. from multiple servers in a see a spike in transactions during a holiday season).

They try to find a balance between enough available resources and not oversizing the environment. 24 cores are the number they found in their research that meets that requirement.


David Nicholls

Hello @David N.

Thank you for sharing the information about the reasons behind 24 CPU cores.

We could go with this theory but the situation is that we have a physical box with the 192GB memory (which is useless in this situation) and 16 physical cores.

To utilize the full capacity of the memory there should be a sufficient cores available which is very difficult to justify in the current situation.




Regarding the OP, is it possible to tweak this? We have a box with 20 vCPUs and 140 GB ram (we are limited by Azure VM sizes) is it possible to increase the memory consumption?

I’ve made support ticket for this. Dynatrace told me that if appmon will detect that has more ram than in sizing options, it will try to use it according to current needs.