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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon: Splitting a measurement by method argument?




I want to monitor the response time of an external system.
The external system is called by a java method.
MyExternalAPI#execute(String functionName)

Unfortunately the response time varies by the given functionName. I already set up a sensor, measure, businesstransaction (with split resulsts by argument).

The PurePath is a webrequest and such a request ist able to call MyExternalAPI#execute(String funcitonName) multiple times.

The Business Transaction Calculate Results configuration:

Failure rates: yes

Response time and count: no

Results: my measure on MyExternalAPI#execute(String functionName) Aggregate: avg

My Problem:

Multiple functions calls of the same Argument (functionName) are aggregated by average within the business transaction.
I don't want to measure on the business transaction level, I want an exact measure on the method level.
But I need the business transaction to implemented the argument splitting.

What I get:

PurePath FunctionCall Duration
#1 5 ms
#2 10 ms
#3 2 ms, 4 ms, 5 ms (AVG: 3,67 ms)

Businesstransaction Result:

Count: 3
Min: 3,67 ms
Max: 10 ms
Avg: 6,22 ms
Sum: 18,67 ms

What I want:

Count: 5
Min: 2 ms
Max: 10 ms
Avg: 5,2 ms
Sum: 26 ms

How could I realize such a measurement with AppMon?

Best Regards,


AppMon 7.0.35