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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon: Splitting restriction doesn't take effect


Hi All,


We have a costume business transaction in which we split by client family.

We have restricted the splitting under "splitting options" ->"restrict to", and set the "Maximum number of splittings" to 100(the allowed minimum).

Still, we got a message after a few days in the admin start center of a misconfigured business transaction (mentioning we can limit the splitting in the server.ini).

Why do we get this message if we have restricted the splitting in this business transaction?


Thank you,





To do that, you should use limit to most frequent transactions and set to 100. If you use the option you are using, appmon will be still creating measures on the DB for each new splitting, for that you get the error.

I use always the option you are using. In some cases, i'm able to aggregate splits with regexp; in other ones (maybe i'm interested for some reason on the IP or certain cookie valie) i just disable the Store results in pwh for the bussiness transaction, cause i'm not in the need to have historical data, just to analyze it almost on real time!

Hope this helps!