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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon Web Dashboard set on Today is not updating as expected



we are just working on our first web dashboards with AppMon 2017 (we're coming from AppMon 6.3); some of these dashboard will be visualized on Wall Monitors, in order to provide some informations about daily performance of our infrastructure, and it is required them to show daily data (today).

Our problem is that the dashboard is not showing data regarding "Today", but is showing the data startin form the day we opened the dashboard on the Wall Monitor (now is about 50 hours of data shown on the dashboard).

The only solution we found is to manually refresh the webpage every day, but this is a problem, because some of the computers connected to the WallMonitors are very difficult to reach.

Does anyone have any idea or workaround to solve this issue? For example, how to force an autoupdate of the dashboard/web page, or something that has to be changed in the dashboard configuration.

Thank you so much!


Hi Simone,

this sounds like a bug. The web dashboard should automatically update every minute and also adjust the timeframe accordingly. If that's not the case please open up a support case with a support archive so that the team can investigate the issue.



Hi Peter,

thank you for your feedback, I will follow your suggestion.