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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon: What are stored sessions and what are they used for?


Can someone tell me what stored sessions are and what they are used for? Or point me to the documentation that describes them? I can't find anything that explains how they are used.





Hi Todd,

Here's some documentation:

definition of a session:

stored session:

In essence, a stored session is a set of diagnosis data ( purepaths, memory and thread dumps, and sampling) related to a specific System profile. They can be used to save data from a specific timeframe for analysis at a later date, or they can be stored in the client and accessed offline ( so that no connection to appmon server is needed)

Can the session files be manually deleted without causing issues? I know this can be managed through the Storage Settings, but want to know if a manual remove would work as well.

I think server while trying to access this file will fire exception due to missing data. It’s not wise to do it manually.