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AppMon command line


Hello Forum

My customer works with the following dev cycle:

  • Production, updated one time a month
  • updated every day, including several environments
  • Preprod, Test, Perf, updated with candidate release, once a week.

In Integration environments, system profiles are regularly tuned upon needs.
All changes are immediately reported in Production system profile that is used as main template, and
all system profiles are time to time synced from this template.

In order to proceed, since it's impossible to remove system profile when agents are connected on, we
did the following:

  • we have declared a specific collector IP address for each system profile - meaning, there is still only one collector, but accessible with multiple IPs.
  • when we want to update a specific system profile, we do the following, for example with system profile INTEG_1:
  1. we disconnect INTEG_1 IP address,
  2. we remove INTEG_1 system profile after backup by export
  3. we export production system profile PROD.profile.xml
  4. we edit, find and replace "PROD" with "INTEG_1" and save it as INTEG_1.profile.xml
  5. we import INTEG_1.profile.xml
  6. we reconnect INTEG_1 IP address

As result, the agents are reconnecting automatically the system profile, thus restarting agents is not

To avoid errors, we have developed a small tool that realize steps 1,4 and 6.
It helps but it's not enough, since developers want to sync more and more frequently, several SPs at once.

So now, we would like to cover all the process to make it completely automatic. I searched the doc, unfortunately had no found the way to cover steps 2,3 and 5, even in REST api, meaning:

  • system profile export
  • system profile import
  • system profile remove

Did I miss something ?
If no, is there any over way to perform these task, e.g. command line ?




There is a cli tool for appmon, but it can only enable/disable system profiles, not add or delete them.

You can open a RFE in the appmon Product Idea Forum. (Make sure to use Post Idea)

I'm sure there are other people who would want that functionality in the REST API.


Thanks for your answer.