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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon customized dashboards




I have created some custom web dashboards so I want to give read permissions(to see) to access those all dashboards which I have customized.
Will I be able to give read access (just to see) to custom web dashboard?
It means when they are trying to access (read only) the rich client by using their read only user credentials from there they can open web dashboard link through browser.
With their read only access will they able to see my customized dashboards? Is it possible?
How to give read permissions to my custom dashboards?


Hi Sangeetha,

Yes for custom dashboards as well, we can provide the read only access to the user specific, all you need is to create a group for those users and mention the dashboard by adding them to this group and kind of permission.

Steps: Settings --> Server Settings --> Users --> Groups (Create--> Enter preferred name for group --> Role as User --> Under dashboards(Add the custom dashboards)

Note: Under the Accounts edit the users and add this particular group.


Ravi Kumar

Seems there is no option available for providing the user level read only access to the custom web dashboard. Instead you need to copy the URL from the share option (Specific users) in the web dashboard and provide the link to the users or else making your custom dashboard to the shared one which makes visible to all users who has access to the AppMon.

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Sangeetha M.

Guest Role: allowed to view certain application-related dashboards, but cannot modify them or create new. Doesn't have access for self-monitoring dashboards. Can't modify System Profile and server settings. Typically suitable for business users, who wants to see the data, but doesn't need to perform any configurations.

Review the below links for the permissions mapping and user permissions and authentication.




regarding web dashboards:

select the desired dashboards, click the share icon and select the users or groups that should have access (if you are using 7.0 or lower, you have to send the link)

These users will automatically see the dashboard appear in their "Shared" section.

Alternatively you can also just select "All users" which will give read access to all users in your environment, if you desire.

No need to go to the server settings