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AppMon keeps reporting incident "License exhausted" after upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 (web server agent)


We recently upgraded to AppMon 7.1 (coming from 7.0) and, after the upgrade, our web server agent keeps reporting a licence exhaustion.

Looking at the Agents Overview, we noticed the web server agent is keeping track of multiple instances of the same Nginx process --- note there are multiple instances of the agent for a single PID.

The extra agent instances keep popping in and out of existence. Fundamentally, on 7.0, only one instance would show up for every Nginx process.

Also, looking at the Nginx server itself, we noticed there are multiple instances of the One Agent Process.

While watching these agents, we noticed they come and go, following groups of Nginx workers. It seems like there is a "One Agent companion process" spawning everytime nginx creates a new group of worker threads.

Anyone else having this issue?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Julio,

I'm not sure exactly why you would be seeing a different license consumption rate for your Nginx process. I can tell you however, that the most likely scenario for having this change is that between your upgrade AppMon 2017 May (7.0) to AppMon 2018 April (7.1), there was a change in the architecture of the agent platform and which one is chosen by default (as of 2018 April, update 8). So actually you may have been on Classic agent platform before and now this was switched over to the newer AppMon agent architecture.

In cases like these, I would suggest to open a support ticket for this very specific issue you are experiencing:

More information on the agent platforms are available on the following pages:



Andrew M.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the follow up!

I did open a support ticket back in sept/2018 and they provided excellent support for this. They were able to diagnose with a remote session into our infrastructure and confirm the new agent platform does have an issue with reloading Nginx and consuming extra licenses. They provided a patch with the release of version 7.1.14.

In this version, there is a debug flag called debugNginxNoAgentRestartOnReloadNative. It can be enabled from the AppMon Client with the following steps:

  • While in the AppMon Desltop Client, press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 to enable debug options. You will notice a subtle message appear in the client's status bar at the bottom right informing it's been enabled.
  • Open the System Profile Preferences dialog, and expand the Agent Group you want to modify.
  • Click Agent Mapping in the desired group. You will notice a Debug button should now be visible.
  • Click the Debug button and add a new property: debugNginxNoAgentRestartOnReloadNative. Under Value, check to enable it.
  • Save by clicking OK all the way back to the main window.
  • Restart the monitored web server (Nginx in this case).

Below is a screenshot that shows all steps at once.