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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AppMon with ServiceNow


I have a client who uses ServiceNow for ticketing and paging. They are asking if AppMon can send automated alerts to ServiceNow to create tickets and automate certain processes their. They are not interested in having emails sent. Rather, they want to use web services.



There is a Community plugin in the works for a ServiceNow plugin, as well as an RFE you and your customer can upvote: RFE - ServiceNow official plugin

From Andreas, "FYI to all. I am aware that there is a community plugin for this in the works. I will let them know about this RFE so that they can reach out to you for some potential testing before we push this live"

I would suggest posting in that RFE thread to see if your customer can help potentially test the plugin. 


You will be able to use WSDL to create tickets in ServiceNow as per the incident created in dynatrace


Can you share the WSDL to create tickets in Servicenow



@Guruprasad S you can refer

for more details and reference.

for REST API of ServiceNow refer the below link

Thanks, let me check the links provided..


I understand that WSDL is for Ticket creation, I need a mechanism to integrate Service-now CMDB data with BSM for building service model. Can this be achieved?


@Guruprasad S yes this can be achieved, but need to know more detail, are you planning to integrate dynaTrace into CMDB? or just when the incident is created populate the proper Configuration item in ServiceNow. Please provide detailed use case for further assistance.

@Jawaharlal Nehru Vaiyapuri

as you know, there is component called Business Service Management where in service models can be built and map the infra server alerts to service model components and showcase the impact.

A service model is a generic term for a logical representation of the
relationship between IT infrastructure components and higher-level logical
entities such as technical services, business services, and organizations.

A service model is
made up of the following components:

  • Configuration
    items (CIs) that represent the unique physical and the logical CIs that deliver
    business services
  • Impact

As all know, the CI and its relationships data will be stored in CMDB or spreadsheets.

In my environment, I have service now as service management tool where all CI and relationship data stored in Servicenow CMDB. So I'm looking for a mechanism to make use of this CMDB data to build the model ( automatically ).

I know this can be achieved using Web services method, but I am looking if anyone already have this thought OR pointer to implement OR anyone already has this kind of implementation done.

Please let me know if you need more info.


If you use event management in ServiceNow you can also integrated with that and dynamically update incidents and do whatever you want through the event management suite as well. We are using the generic execution plugin with alerts in Dynatrace to forward the information to our event management piece.


Did you try if this is working after Appmon 7 Upgrade?