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Application Mapping Error

I have mapped all the URL that contain iriaDataCollection to the application DataCollection. My question is the following: Why are there web requests that contain the string that are being mapped to the Default Application. I am currently running 6.2.6. The only difference I see is where the requests are executed on. One is web server and the other is java. I have attached a screenshot.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Could it be that these are "old" PurePaths which you have recorded BEFORE you made the change in the AppDefinition? Applications are assigned when new PurePaths come in - so - just make sure that these are not from a timeframe before your change

@Andreas Grabner,

Nope. I made the definition for the application yesterday. I am currently looking at the last 30 minutes.

Can you export two purepaths and send them over? one that has a correct mapping and one with an incorrect mapping?

@Andreas Grabner,

I have uploaded a session to the following link:




Thank you for uploading the two PurePaths. Your configuration looks fine to me, so I suspect a bug.

Could you submit a support ticket, please? You'll need to include a support archive as well as this session file.

If you add a link to the support ticket to this thread, we'll take a look as well as Support.

-- Graeme

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. I just looked at it. The difference of the PurePaths is that one comes in on the backend Java Agent only - the other one starts in the web server and is part of a UEM Visit. The reason why the one is Default Application is becuase it "inherits" the app from the UEM Visit. It could be misleading if you just look at server-side purepaths. hope this explains it!

Thanks Andreas. I understand what you mean, though I do not understand why the behavior is such. In my system profile, I am clearly stating that everything that contains the iriaDataCollection should be mapped to the DataCollection application. Why is Dynatrace mapping to Default Application when there is a clear rule defined.

to tell you that I would need to look at the Visitor that links to that PurePath. The first action of the user defines the application. So. Check your Visitor - > open the first User Action PurePath and see what the first URL request is. That first request defines the App


Just for documentation's/completeness' sake, Jose raised SUPDT-29491 for this issue. Support told him that "Java Web Service entrypoints are not matched against application patterns. In this case, instrumenting the Web Server in front of the Java Application server should solve the issue."

In my particular case, our web servers are actually instrumented, but the PurePath gets broken going between them (I think because the web service is originated from a message queue system that uses multicast Apache Camel). So since we can't get the web service associated with a web server, I'm stuck with default applications.

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