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Application Overview with problem - Version 7.1


Hi guys, I did update my appmon from 6.5 to 7.1 version and changed the Agents from Classic to OneAgent, because I need to monitor the .NetCore and this only available in OneAgent AppMon (Beta Version)... So, after this, my customer did start problem in Application Overview , don't discovery applications correctly and when we manually defined, the same problem occur, some applications appear others no, and the Default Application dont appear too, but if I did search for web requests for applications, all of than appear at Web Request Dashlet. I don't if this correlation with the upgrade is correct, but this problem did starts after this.



Hi Rafael, I am not sure what could be causing this behavior but if it started after the migration I would recommend opening a support ticket.

Also, once resolved could you please share your findings here. I would really like to learn about this.


Hi Rohith, I'll open the ticket about this and share the conclusion here.


Is auto detection for applications enabled or disabled?

You can check the application mapping for the requests in the webrequest dashlest and dann reference that with your application definitions.

I did test detection for applications both ways, but don't work corretly. In the webrequests dashlet the requests are reporting normally.