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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Application Pool agents are gone since some became corrupted then renamed


We have a set up with redundant servers running the same application. There were 4 agents, 1 web and 3 of them were app pools. Recently a couple pools were corrupted. Eventually renaming fixed them. Everything on the application is running well, but now, I've lost all my app pool agents, and there is a parent /child structure, where before all the agents were only parents. The app pools that are showing up are under the webserver agent ( this was not the way it was before). The developer and windows admin swear nothing changed but the name, but now I am only getting web service calls and the rest of the pure path is not there. Also one of the app pools has had to be 'stopped' because when it is started the application crashes. Any detail or opinion is at least a place for me to verify or look. thanks.



Hi Nona,

App pool agents are linked with the App Pool names upon instrumentation.

In your case the name have been changed; so it would be good to un-install the agents then again install app pool agents. This will make sure they are linked with the proper app pool once again.


Gaurav Baru


Gaurav, thank you. That is what I have wanted to do as well. Helps to have backup. Do you know if it matters what we name them? The app pools crash when their names are changed. I want to do a fresh install with a new names for the agents. I don't think it matters, but thought I would ask.


I have 4 webservers, In two servers i have installed the agent but other two i didn't install the agent,

The two which i didn't install the agent which gets app pool recycle any time and it automatically crashes the webgate.dll and gets app pool recycle.

Before installing agent everything was working fine after installing on 1 and 3 servers , 2 and 4 gets automatically app pool recycle.

Can you assist me, if anything required please let me know.