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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Application Process Unavailable (unexpected) Agent connection lost



We see this message very frequently and unfortunately have accepted it as how dynatrace just works. To correct his we frequently restart dynatrace server otherwise our charts have the red warning at the top stating the connection is lost. We are however receiving purepaths from that very agent so i don't think connection is actually lost. Is this a known issue or am I misunderstanding something?


thank you. 



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Are these .NET Agents? IIS typically recycles AppPools on a scheduled or event triggered basis, e.g: every 2 hours or if memory is high. It basically kills that process which means that our agent doesnt have the chance to "gracefully" disconnected but simply looses connection. Thats why we show this Incident as it looks like this agent really lost its connection and we want you to know about this.

I brought this to the attention of our engineers- unfortunately there is not a whole lot the .NET Runtime gives us to solve this issue in the moment.

If your app is not .NET then we should look into this. A potential problem could be a very shaky network connection between the agent and the collector.


Hi Andeas,


Yes this is .Net. The agent must reconnect itself after the recycle right? Otherwise how would we be still collecting events. 



the agent will reconnect after recycle as IIS will first kill but then launch another w3wp.exe worker process. Physically these are different processes. And as the first process is really "killed" by IIS we detect it as "app proceess unavailable". It is a technical limitation we have right now because IIS doesnt give us a clear indication on why they killed the process