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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Application is under upgrading and downtime but User Action Purepaths are still seen?



One of our application is under upgrading process and it is in downtime. But when I go to dashboard and drill down to user action purepaths we are still seeing dynatrace capturing those and also there is a gradual increase in count of values in dashlets for timeframe. Is this possible? What am I missing here?




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Are you referring to a downtime as configured within AppMon or the actual application being down as part of the upgrade? The former only applies to incidents so that you don't get emails or create incidents during periods you know there are going to be outages and maintenance, the agents will continue to be capturing data.


Hi James,

I am referring to actual application here which is in production. It is under upgrading and maintenance. So the agents will still capture the data?

If an agent is up (i.e the application process is up) it will keep sending data. Since you mention user action purepaths it's also possible cached pages have JavaScript agents are sending back UEM data still but somewhere along the line there will be a webserver agent up to handle that data. Regardless, if you're seeing data coming back there is at least one agent is still and up able to handle the data, even if not all of them are up as part of the upgrade.

I am attaching a screenshot of the agents linked with my application. I see most of them are up and running. Is that could be the reason why I am still seeing traffic in my client and dashboard?


Yes, so long as those agents are up and instrumented (green agent icon) they will be continuing to collect and send data.

Thank you James! That clears my confusion. But usually when production applications are under maintenance or upgrading in what state agents will be?

You can think of these agents as being a part of the application process, so during something like an upgrade they should only be offline and not sending data for the time the application process is down as part of the upgrade. When everything is set up correctly as long as that particular application process is up the agent will be up and active regardless of if other processes or servers are down.

Now I get it. It's clear to me. Thank you very much.