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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Application loading files (CSS, HTML etc) from Webserver instead of Browser cache.


Hi Team,

Normally, users open the application and the application will load CSS, HTML ,JS etc from web server to open the application for the first time. From second time on words, whenever the users tries to open the application, it will call all the files from local cache only, it will not contact web servers all the time.

We have instrumented Dynatrace UEM to track the user performance. After dynatrace instrumentation, whenever user tries to open the application, the browser will always contact web servers to download those files instead of browser cache. whenever user tries to open , all the time it is contacting web servers only.

To test this, we have disabled UEM temporary and tries to open the application. This time the files are downloaded from browser cache.Because of this there is slowness in launching of application.

Please let me know is there is any setting from DT UEM end blocking the application to download files from browser cache or is we need to configure anything in the UEM setting to achive this.

Thanks & Regards

Senthamilselvan J


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I would open a support case if you can consistently reproduce this. It shouldn't have a significant effect on the application, especially on some functionality like that. Others may have some experience with this but support would probably be able to help the most and get the information needed to troubleshoot.



Try capturing a Fiddler trace with, and without UEM to inspect the request and response fields to verify consistency with cache control mechanisms. Also, after the initial request, and with UEM turned on, check that the ETag field has the same value for each request/response. Fiddler trace will help support narrow down the issue.

Hi Zach,

We already checked using browser development tools. With Dynatrace enable, the files are loaded from web servers, but if we disable DT UEM the files are downloaded from local browser cache.

Thanks & Regards

Senthamilselvan J