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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Application not Loading after Enabling AppMon Browser Agent Addon in IE 11


After enabling the Browser agent add-on (Connected state) in Internet Explorer 11 (Win 7) , Application is not loading. Its just displays a blank Screen.

But site is working fine when the add-on in a disconnected state.

NOTE: Observed a similar behavior with the application when compatibility settings is enabled.

Please suggest me if there is any option to over come this...


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


By default our Browser Agent has a lot of features turned on to capture a lot of useful information. These settings can be changed if you open your System Profile and go to the Sensor Settings for your Browser Agent Tier. I would for instance edit the properties for the JAvaScript Sensor and disable all options and see if that makes a difference. If it does I would start enabling individual settings until you get to the same "blank screen" again. We have seen scenarios in the past where our JAvaScript instrumentation sometimes causes issues -> therefore I suggest to disable some of these advanced options. you will still get a lot of detail that you need even without some of these options

You could also try to hit F12 in the browser - that will open up the developer tools in IE and you might get some details on what actually fails


Hi Andi,

Thanks for your reply, It works.

After disabling the "Tag AJAX/XHR Requests" option in JavaScript sensor configuration, able to load the application


Thanks for letting us know that it worked. I've seen this in the past on rare occasions that this was the culprit. Now - the good news is that you do not loose anything in terms of data that gets collected by the browser agent. the only feature that you loose is that you dont get an end-to-end (browser to database) purepath in case you also install the dynatrace agents on your application servers. Dynatrace will capture the server-side PurePaths and you can view them in the dynatrace client. The only thing that you will loose is a direct correlation of Browser Activity to Server-Side Activity. But - as I said - the data is all there


Observed the same issue (not able to open the application) again. Tried to open application with the same settings in the Dynatrace profile which i did earlier but now the application is not loading. All the settings are intact. Wondering what went wrong.

Could you please suggest any alternative methods to try out.


Make sure you really force your browser to reload the page, e:g: Ctrl-R or maybe also clear the browser cache. Just to ensure that the browser really loads all of your assets and doesnt get anything corrupted from your current local cache. If still nothing comes up try the F12 Dev Tool Trick again. See if there is any output in the console of these tools

Thanks for the comment.Tried with force reloading the browser and cleared the cache as you suggested, but still the same issue persists. Also check the same in a new machine with the same settings.

In F12 Dev Tool console too no error message is showing up.

And once you disable the browser plugin everything works again?

Is this page publicly accessible? can you send us the agent log files? You can get the agent log files when the Browser Plugin Is connected to dynatrace. Then in the dynatrace client you can open the Agents Overview dashlet -> pick the agent -> and say "Show Log Files". Would be interesting to get that logfile

This app is not publicly available. The application loads perfectly once we disable the add-on.

I found few things in the browser agent log. The javascript sensor properties which am modifying is not getting reflected in the browser agent. Its still obtaining the default settings. The following property was set as "no" when the application was loaded earlier.

Tag XmlHttpRequest: ................ yes

Also I have noticed that the browser agent is showing "The Agent is disconnected" status. Browser agent is still running in another machine and the agent is available in the Agent group for that profile. Not sure where it went wrong.

Can you share any document for browser agent configuration and adding it to the profile. Just want to cross check with what I did.


Hi. It might be more productive if you open a ticket and get in touch with one of our colleagues and do a webex session. keep us posted with the outcome