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Appmon 6.5: Unable to edit Host Incidents - Missing Edit Option

Hello there Appmon-ites, Recently I applied fix pack ( to a Dynatrace 6.5 setup .

After this I noticed that the edit option was missing for the host based incidents:

  • Host CPU Unhealthy
  • Host Disk Unhealthy
  • Host Memory Unhealthy
  • Host Network Unhealthy

The user have all the rights. Pl see in the snapshot. Is this bug?

Kindly help since I need to make necessary changes in the incident.

Regards, Rajesh.



Hello Rajesh,

Just for your information that this option is not available even for the lower version e.g. 6.5.11

Someone from the support can address the reason behind this.



Thanks a lot Babar, I think this is incorrect and I will raise a support case for this.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I believe this is the expected behaviour as host based incidents are not configured at the profile level but under the infrastructure section of the server configuration. The "edit incident" option will take you to the matching profile but here it has nowhere to go hence why it isn't there.

In older versions, these incidents where stored at the profile level so it has been removed for a while.



Thanks you Florent for explanation. But since I have been using 6.5.0.x versions this was not the behavior. That is why asked. I was able to edit the incidents as in sense was able to include the email action into the incidents. But I am unable to do so.

Could you pl. guide me how do I edit these incidents to include actions in these?

Pl. update.

Regards, Rajesh.


if you go to settings/dynatrace server/infrastructure/alerts you will be able to configure the action.