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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Appmon 7. 0 to Dynatrace Managed- urgent


Currently we are using Dynatrace Appmon 7.0 and synthetic. we have a plan to upgrade to New Dynatrace Managed. We have many BT's , Dashboards, charts , Snow integrated.

Migrate Data from Existing Appmon 7.0 to Dynatrace managed, does it possible. if yes how.?

Migrate Business Transactions from Existing Appmon 7.0 to Dynatrace managed.does it possible. if yes how.?

Migrate Dashboards from Existing Appmon 7.0 to Dynatrace managed.does it possible. if yes how.?

if some one has done the above migration. please share the details. challenges faced etc. which will help us to proceed.




There are no option to migrate 1 to 1 from dynatrace appmon to dynatrace managed. There are different approach of dashboards. Also you don't have business transactions, now they are services. So you are cutting out part of application process by particular method and call it service. You have anomaly detection for it and you can take some business data using multidimensional analysis view.

We have such migrations pending so you have remember one thing. If you have some BT filtered by methods, write down those sensors and use them for creating services (if auto discovery by dynatrace won't work properly). You have redefine your look at dashboards because appmon and dynatrace are 2 different products with different aproaches. It's not only changing the tool but also changing they way you think about apm.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

For a general overview, there is a video playlist on the Dynatrace University that is called "Converting from AppMon to Dynatrace" inside the "Getting Started" Playlist.

Here's a link to the "Getting Started" playlist. The resources you are looking for are included in the second section:

There is also a Webinar that goes over more features and functionalities:

Kind regards,
Joshua P.