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Appmon 7.1 Transaction Flow grouping


I am trying to view the Transaction Flow dashlet for a specific profile. When viewing for a given timeframe using the quick analysis, it displays what I consider a normal transaction flow with separate agent groupings by service/application. It shows ~25 different Java application groupings with a handful of agents in each grouping. But when selecting Full Analysis, it groups all of the agent groups into one "Application (Java)" grouping with 100+ agents in the group. Is there a limit to the number of groupings that can be displayed on the Transaction Flow dashlet? Or is there a way to ungroup?




According to the documentation :

AppMon groups Agents by Agent Group. The System Profile specifies the Agent Group. If your system landscape consists of many Agents, the collapsed view only shows the Agent Groups, and not each single Agent. To switch between the collapsed and expanded views, use the context menu. To access the context menu, double-click an Agent Group or click the symbol in the upper right corner of the Agent Group. If an Agent Group contains only one Agent, the group is always expanded and you cannot collapse it. In order to prevent the Transaction Flow from exploding an upper limit of 100 Agents per Agent Group was introduced. Agent Groups that contain more than 100 Agents cannot be expanded.

The Transaction Flow diagram layout is organized around Agent Groups and not, necessarily, physical hosts. You can use a single Agent Group, but it is recommended that you configure your System Profiles with multiple Agent Groups that fit your landscape. This helps with management and configuration changes and creates meaningful diagrams.