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Appmon Migration with controlled agent upgrade

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Is it possible to migrate from 6.2 to 6.5 and, after upgrading the server and collector to 6.5, initially keep the agents freezed on 6.2 in order to upgrade them to 6.5 periodically? Reason would be avoiding all agents getting upgraded to 6.5.

Can the controlled rollout in the server settings be used for this? disable-agent-updates.png (ie: Disable automatic updates while on 6.2 so when you restart on the 6.5 server, agents don't update automatically)



Hello Fran,

I believe this is only applicable to updates (previously known as fixpacks), but let's see if somebody can shed some light on this. I could be wrong.



Hello Fran,

I guess there is no control upgrade for the agents especially after version 6.0 because upgrading and keeping the Agents up to date is recommended and required to receive updates.

If you are upgrading from < 6.0 and want to use the controlled update rollout, you have to upgrade the agent's bootstrap component.

Although connections between older Agents and newer Collectors are supported, Agents should be upgraded to the Collector version as soon as possible.



An alternative way to achieve this is to leave some collectors on 6.2 and leave the agents you don't want to migrate on those collectors.

In general we do not recommend to keep the systems on the old versions for too long, as you cannot apply hotfixes quickly if needed.

However if you need to I would also recommend to use this approach as for the other, see requirements and limitations here:



Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Thanks for the replies! So as a recap, we don't recommend keeping agents in older versions for long and the best way to do this if absolutely needed would be to keep a collector in 6.2 connecting to a 6.5 server and moving batches of agents to a 6.5 collector to have them upgrade automatically.

I see from Thomas' link that the automatic updates only work on bootstraps >= 6.3 so in this I guess case it's not even an option.