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Appmon URL monitor


Hi all,
I need to monitor that the application servers respond correctly to a call.

With the Monitor URL I run the following URL

This call passes from a balancer that checks the query string and redirects to the application that has the same number as the query string.

The application server displays the page

In the configuration of the Plugin I added the verification of the string "search" and 100 max redirects, but the control of the string does not work.

Result: Last polling execution terminated successfully

Detailed message :URL:
Expected string "search" didn't match.

Retrieved measurements:
ConnectionCloseDelay: 0.001798
ContentVerified: 0.0
FirstResponseDelay: 36.693951999999996
HeaderSize: 174.0 HostReachable: 1.0
HttpStatusCode: 200.0
ResponseCompleteTime: 36.7508
ResponseSize: 736.0
Throughput: 19.55739738998879

When I run the URL bypassing the balancer, I lose the information on which application server responds to me, but the control of the string "search" works.

Is it possible that Monitor Plugin URL when a redirect occurs does not check on the page that is loaded Booking_Search.aspx, but on the same redirect?



I think settings you have here is all you can use. It may be not possible to make it like you need. The question is if there information about server answered on agent level. Maybe you can combine data from monitor with those from agent to have information you need.