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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Appmon agent availability


H i , I need to create a report on agent availability over a period of 30 days . Can someone suggest how this can be achieved?


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi Swati,

How about this?


Hi Wai ,

Thanks for helping. Though there is a challenge in using this: at times when an agent restarts , its name gets appended with a [1] , [2] etc . So , I have to manually change such entries to get proper data.

I have tried using " agent availability " measure. Same challenge for this measure as well.

Did you try to create a custom measure with some regex capturing parameters?

I think with that you could achieve dynamic capturing without having to manually adjust anything

let me try the option. Thanks

Can you explain with some example? Agent Vailability measure is not editable

I didnt got your question right at first. So basically with "normal" measuring you wont get far here. Did you conside linking the incident to a Dashboard?

I couldnot understand the solution you are giving. If you are asking to get a report from Incident dashboard , then please check the screenshot. in the screenshot incidents for 2 agents are shown , both being same agent . Now when I pull such report , I will get report for two agents ( Agent 'xxx'[DefaultAppPool] and Agent 'xxx'[DefaultAppPool][1].

A solution to sort this out if what I am looking foragent.jpg

Hello @swati b.

To activate and deactivate index feature e.g. [1] or [2], follow the instructions from the below link.



let me try the option. Thanks

Hi Babar ,

As per the link , it is possible to

1. Have a common name for a set of agents.

Think will not help in my scenario. When an agent disconnects and reconnects it sometimes get appended with an index number, I have attached a screenshot agent.png .agent.png .

When a report is pulled in such scenario , we get 2 /3 entries of same agent ( with indexes ) . as a result the total number of agents increases multi-fold . Taking an average of such entries is lowering the % availability of that agent.

Any other technique to get %availability of agents?

@Chanchal Kumar O.

Hi Chanchal , can you please help ?