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Appmon implementation with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Hi Everybody,

I was wondering if anyone had successfully implemented Appmon with Microsoft Dynamics.

Would DC-RUM would be preferable to an agent-based solution?

Also, are there any whitepapers discussing this implementation? Otherwise could you provide links to other community threads or Dynatrace University content? The reason behind me asking is because there is a lot of material concerning Office 365 but almost nothing on Dynamics 365.

Looking forward to hearing from you.





I have an customer which wants to instrument Dynamics as well. The agent approach isn't very helpful for most Microsoft products aside from SharePoint, in my experience.

Any comments/experiences with monitoring Dynamnics would be helpful.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your insight.

This would be our first experience with Dynatrace and Dynamics as well. If this kicks off will share my experiences.




Hi Fabio,

Have you managed to implement the same - would like some whitepapers on it too.



We currently have a problem, where some user actions are split into multiple user actions. Unfortunatly that happens to the ones most important to the customer.

A new feature which will fix that is in the works though and should come in one of the next sprints.

Hi Patrick,

could you please share the way you instrumented Dynamics 365?



The customer is currently using an on prem installation of Dynamics 365, so we instrumented that with a Full Stack OneAgent.

They are planning a cloud migration to Dynamics SaaS though, in that case we will try to instrument the JS manually or fall back to the browser Plugin if that is not possible.

With the newest Version the User Action Correlation Works much better. In some cases even a bit to much is correlated, we are investigating that with a ticket, but aside from that it looks good.

We have implemented full stack one agent on dynamics 365 as well for onprem version.

Hi Sebastian,

We also have MS Dynamics 365.

Please suggest which Async Requests & Content captured enabled for RUM.

Thanks & Regards,



Hey @Fabio L., et al,

One workaround you can use is available in the new 'Dynatrace' (SaaS or Managed). With this you can use the RUM Browser Extension, which will essentially inject the UEM/RUM code into any websites that match the regex you give it, and then pass the data back to the Dynatrace environment. For external-facing applications this obviously has limited usability, but for internal-facing applications, you can deploy the browser extension via a policy, and then all internal users of the application will be monitored like they have UEM/RUM injected. I have not tested this explicitly with Dynamics 365, but I am at a client that is very interested in this approach for that app (currently just using synthetic monitoring for D365).

Hope this helps,

Matt Lewis


Hi Matt,

Have you implemented RUM Browser Extension in Dynamics 365 ?

Thanks & Regards