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Appmon integration with Elasticsearch (Grafana or Kibana)? Show datasource as Appmon

Hi Experts,

I am trying to find a solution for following in Appmon and in Dynatrace? Not sure if there is an API we can leverage to do this.

1. Pull the Data dynamically from Appmon and show that data in open source monitoring tool like Grafana [Data source = Appmon]


2. Have Grafana show the prebuilt Dashboard (iFrame) that I already created in Appmon

Appreciate if someone can help if there is a solution for this.


@Joseph M. H. Could you please suggest if there is a solution available in Appmon for integration with Grafana or Kibana?

Seems we can to dynamic export with Realtime Streaming (BT Feed), but it's not working as expected.

Getting 400 when I use the address with port number

WHereas if I remove the port number, it works but I am not seeing index being created in Elastic.

1. Do I have to enable Purelytics stream to have the BT feed?

2. Appmon documentation

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Did you specify to have selected BTs sent? This can be done by editing specific BTs and selecting the "Export results via HTTP" checkbox.

Hi @Joseph M. H.I have done everything that needs to be taken care from Appmon side. Challenge i have is, what are the cofig changes I have to make on Elastic side and also should I have to tweak the Protobuf message with some medium?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

To be honest, i'm not familiar with the Elastic Search configuration required. The Protobuf definition can be adjusted to refine what is sent and in what format. This of course has to match what Elastic Search is expecting. Sounds like your question is more related to Elastic Search. Sorry, not my expertise.