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Appmon to identify process to automate with RPA



Is there any functionality in AppMon that could help identify a process or an area in a application(s) that could or should be automated with Robotic Process Automation?

typically a process that is exceuted many times by an employee.

Or a process that takes very long time to execute




Hello Knut,

What I have experienced is that a good first step to automation is weekly or monthly reports that provide an overview of specific transactions or functionality to the correct teams. In Dynatrace AppMon you can create dashboards that gather this information and then schedule reports as they are needed. Meeting with your stakeholders and users to determine which metrics they value most would be a huge help in this process.

Something that can be automated is your alerting but this takes a careful watch when they are being setup to prevent a flood or too few alerts. This can help to notify you of issues that occur often or take a lot of time to triage.

Beyond that, I would suggest setting up meetings with your users and seeing where they are spending a lot of time. It is much easier to suggest automation with specific examples.


David Nicholls

Thank you.

I was not looking for processes to automate in the AppMon application, but in other applications that are monitored by AppMin. In my experience it can be difficult to find the best processes to automate or know where to start looking. That is what I hoped appmon could help me with.

Best regards



That is very hard to predict as there can be a large number of solutions to issues that AppMon might find across your applications. I don't know of a capability that suggests the best places for automation. I think time will be your best help here because you will see which areas of your applications you can benefit most from automation. Another option you can try is to check on the forums if you have any third party apps to see if others have found ways to automate them similar to your post here.


David Nicholls

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


What about simply focusing on those WebRequests which are invoked the most times? This can be seen in the WebRequest dashlet, focusing on the Count column.

Or for a more code level view, look at Methods dashlet, using the Method view, focus on Count column. But be aware that the Method dashlet only shows instrumented methods, so this might not give you a whole picture of the app.

A third idea is to use the CPU sampler, which would look at all code, instrumented and not-instrumented. There are filters to focus on the most frequently invoked code and this might help you see where automation might be most benefitial.