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Are past baseline violations ignored or do they get built into the baseline?

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

As per documentation ( :

AppMon does not use averages or standard deviation to calculate baselines for response time. Instead, baselines are...

  • calculated for the 50th percentile (median) and 90th percentile (slowest 10 %) of the actual Business Transaction response time.
  • updated every 5 minutes for the first day; every day at midnight through the previous 7 days (for as many days as there is data until AppMon has 7 days of data).

Violations are identified if at least two significant measurements are above the threshold.

As the baseline is calculated every day using the data of the past 7 days, it automatically adapts to changes in your application.

Considering this scenario: If last Monday there was a large spike in response time at noon and this Monday at noon, we had a spike that was smaller than last week's, but still above the usual median for the app, would there be a violation?

When creating the baseline, how does AppMon consider these violations? Does it automatically ignore the data points during the violation or does it build them in to it's calculation?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Jason, The baseline violations themselves are not part of the baseline, but simply historical values defines the baseline. Violations are based on whether a value is outside the baseline at the time of the value being evaluated.


joe hoffman

Thanks Joe!

I thought that would be the case, but wanted confirmation. The historical data points are evaluated into the baseline regardless of if they triggered a violation or not.