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Are purepaths shared?


Hil all,

In AppMon 6.5. Can 2 System Profiles (SP) share one purepath? I mean:

We have A SP and B SP. In A SP we set A Application (App), and set B App in B SP. A SP has A Agent (Ag), and so B SP has B Ag.

B App is a middleware application called by A App.

We have one purepath in A SP. Into that, we see a call to B App captured by B Ag.

Can we see in B SP a purepath which is part of the first and only shows information captured by B Ag?


Best Regards,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The way it has worked (and I am not aware of any changes) is the PurePaths will be stored related to the system profile that they started in and by default you will not see any of the PurePaths in that 'B' profile. The easiest way to see this is if you look at the transaction flow for profile A you'll see the agents from B displayed (lacking host and process health since they are not actually part of that profile).

I believe there is a debug flag you can add that will tell it to break apart PurePaths at the "boundaries" of profiles but then there are other considerations such as you may need to modify the sensors that will serve as entry points for PurePaths:

com.dynatrace.diagnostics.enableCrossSystemProfileSplit --- I believe this is a collector flag

Really it is recommended to put all of the agents that may be communicating with each other in one profile, although I am aware there are reasons to break them apart.

This post and the comments have some good discussion: