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Arguement Value Usage


I have collected the required data, yet unsure if further efficiency is possible. I have a method sensor collecting specific classes/methods. I have setup these with specific argument rules also which allows use of a numeric value argument to be captured.

This allows multiple times a minute for a specific method argument value to be recorded which is providing the response time recorded in ms at a designed code level.

My question is around further optimization - at present the method sensor has to be set to capture the specific method argument value, and the method rule set to "allow to start Purepath from this method".

Is there a better way to collect such a value without having to keep the many PurePaths this generates? As all the operation, CPU and such PurePath session data is simply not required.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The only way to collect any method level data is if it is as part of a PurePath. I can think of no options to get around this or make it more efficient.


That was my conclusion, and matches the results gathered.
Thanks for the confirmation.