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Assign agents to Collector


I have a Dynatrace 6.1

I'm trying to migrate the dynatrace agents to two news collectors because the Dynatrace server works with the embedded collector.

The Dynatrace server have 151 agents (.Net=15, Java=55, native=27, Webserver=36, Websphere=18)

My question are:

What is the consideration to assign a Dynatrace Agent to a Collector?

I read that the Dynatrace collector works balancing the agents but initially it required assign the Dynatrace agents to one collector.

Can I consider the "evenCount" column when I export the Dynatrace Agents to balance the charge?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Cesar,

You can refer to the following documentation for all the main recommendations. One of those is to connect on the same collector, agents mapped to the same system profile.

Yes, the event count is a good indication of the load and a good start to balance the load across your collectors.

Also, I recommend you to review the following page for configuration and to refer to the sizing guide to define the resources of your collectors.