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Associate client IP to specific name

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


My client has some specific IPs that consult his services and would like to chart the Top N consumers.

He also wants to identify those IPS with a specific name, so Im wonrdering how (no UEM).

My guesses are:
1) Export the information to another tool.

2) Create a plugin that gets the IPS, consult to a database or array with all the entries and return the name asociated to each IP.

Have you created something similar?

Thank you,



Hello Rodrigo,

I guess you can use the server side PurePath BT and then do the splitting for the Web Request - Client IP and custom created measure for the Username/ID.

I already have a this kind of BT.



Hello Babar,
I did something similar (BT splitted by Client IP), but about the Username/ID you mean extract from the request that info?
Because in this case there is no Username/ID that I can extract and correlate, I would need to use some "manual defined" names. For example, get the name from a external resource like DB.

If they have lesser than 10 number of services, then its better to create separate BTs for each service provider. Or create BT for Top-n IPs and aggregate other as BT 'Other IPs'.

Also Curious to know exact use case. See that you can modify the use case representation.

If not just export data into CSV or XML and from there create chart in Excel or using charting library.