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Automatic report - Time


I created a dashboard and scheduled a report at 5am each day.

The report is currently based on a business transaction that stores no information in the PW and that has 3 aggregation measures to retrieve minimum, average and maximum perceived render time about loading page actions on a specific URL. 

As mentioned above, the report is scheduled at 5am and its timeframe is the last 24 hours shifted by 5 hours. So I am expecting dynaTrace to start a report tomorrow morning at 5am about what happened today 12am to 11.59pm. Instead, so far I have got a report at 5.57am, one at 4.34am, one at 12.33am...

What is the criteria that dynaTrace follows when making a report at a scheduled date and time, please?

Thank you,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

When you say you schedule a report. What dashlet is on the Dashboard that you use for reporting? Is it just the Business Transaction dashlet? Or do you put other dashlets on it as well?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

To answer your other question on report. The way this works is that dynaTrace will basically "open" the dashboard that you report on at the time when you schedule the report. Whatever data shows up at that point in time with the defined timeframe (e.g: 5 hours shifted) will be part of the report. It would be the same as if you would open the dashboard at 5AM in the morning and look at it

I have a dashboard with two BT dashlets in table mode (no pie chart). In this way, I can have all the aggregations in one table only (and when dT makes a report the table below will be in one Excel sheet, only):

So do you have any idea why the report is scheduled at 5am but I get reports at 4.34am or even earlier as mentioned above, please?

Thank you.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The report is scheduled based on the time on your dynaTrace server. Could it be that the clock of your dynaTrace server is off by 26 minutes?

Another question I have for you as: How many PurePaths do you have per 24 hours? REason why I am asking is because using a Business Transaction Dashlet actually gets this data by querying all PurePaths in the selected timeframe. In your case it means that every day at 5AM dynaTrace needs to iterate through all PurePaths in order to generate that table. That means the server needs to load a lot of data from disk in memory. Not that this is not possible - but it will consume a lot of resources on the dT Server. As you do in the middle of the night you probably dont impact anything else

A "better" approach for this would however be to use your BT with "Store data in Performance Warehouse" and then use the Business Transaction Hotspot Dashlet. This will get you the same results - but - instead of calculating this data from PurePaths it will simply query it from the performance warehouse


Thanks for the info, Andi. I am going to check the Hotspot approach then. However, the time on the server is correct. It's just that sometimes I get the report at 4.34am while other times I get it at 12.33 or 4.43am... so it's like it starts randomly.
I will make the changes to reduce the workload. We track down some 10M transactions a day. I have another report scheduled once a week at 6am storing data in the PW and I get the report exactly at 6am so it sounds like too much workload for the server.
I will get back to you on the forum later on.
Thanks again!

Hello there,

This thread was helpful for our team. We tried scheduling a report for 24 Hrs at 00:00 midnight but we get report on 9 AM in the morning. and that was completely skewed report (in terms of Counts of Transactions) . Certainly it was due to heavy load on server & disk read, as Andi pointed. And Performance warehouse is necessary.

However, the current notion of time selection in dynatrace should be more stringent and less ambiguous.

When we say Schedule report of a dashboard, start run on 12:00 AM having filter "last 24 Hrs." would effectively set the reference time to 12:00 AM then will calculate from bound (which would be 12:00AM on past day i.e. exact 24 Hrs.). Such notion would cut out moving frame from time taken to execute report. What you say?




(Update: Our hourly report too shows Count mismatch. )