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Available Monitor Plugin not showing host name in AppMon 7



I'm using plugin Availablity Monitor Plugin 1.0.0 in AppMon7 and create chart by adding system monitoring measure (e.g. ping check) to split the result by host. I only select host as legend for chart but in the screenshot you can see they are not standardize (chart-name-display.jpg), some of it display IP address. Before that in v6.5 I can see all of them display name instead of IP address (in-version-v65). I would like to generate report by having result to split by host name only. Where to configure so i can get Name instead of IP Address?



Good morning,
Did they give you an answer or could you solve the issue?
I have the problem of version 7.0, it is my version 6.5 this did not happen.

No solution given. But I have workaround, it is not convenient for maintenance. I use host name as monitor plugin name and add all the individual monitor plugin into my chart. Each host is a new monitor plugin. Imagine I have more than hundred of host, it will be painful to create them one by one.



We are facing similar issue after upgrading from 6.2 to 7. Dynamic measure matrix when selected Availability Monitor are showing only IP address, not the hostname. Don't see settings or filter to perform the change to display hostnames. We have monitoring tasks for up to 100+ hosts. So it is not viable to create each tasks and rename it as hostname.

Appreciate it if developer can look into this and consider a fixpatch for this.