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BT Contribution Split Calculation and Reset

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

When utilizing the Contribution splitting restriction, how often is this updated and/or reset?

I have a very particular BT I am working with to try to show the transactions that are the biggest response time contributors for an application. I would like to be able to show the top average worst transactions of the day/week. Utilizing the top X filter will not work as there are too many transactions for the DT server to be able to analyze in a reasonable amount of time and reports usually come back blank when I try to run this data (full analysis for 24 hours of data is estimated to take 4 days). I am splitting the BT by eventSource because this is only way identify the hundreds of unique transactions for this app.

My idea is that I can utilize the contribution restriction to only show the worst transactions for the app. However, I would like to know how often this is updated and/or reset. From the documentation:

When you configure a splitting restriction, the splitting values of an application are determined based on an initial set of transactions. This set is one of the following, depending on the load:

  • All transactions in an observation period of 1 minute
  • The first 500 transactions that are collected, if fewer than 500 transactions occur within 1 minute

With a sufficient load, there can be more than 500 transactions in the set. The final splitting values are calculated by taking the contribution of every splitting value of a transaction into account. Splitting values with a small contribution are mapped to a remainder splitting value.

Does this mean that this is never updated, it only uses the initial configuration and I would have to reset the splitting to have it re-analyze the transactions?



PS: If you have a better workaround for my scenario, please let me know.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Jason

You interpreted the doc correctly. Once we have our 500 splittings we dont update it any longer. This is not ideal for a moving data set. For what you want to achieve I think the best is to use our Real Time Business Transaction Feed to e.g: Elastics Search or Splunk. You can stream out every single split value and then use the power of these BI solutions to analyze Top X for Timeframe Y.

Here is the link to Real Time BT Data Feed

Thanks Andreas, I wanted to see if there was a solution within the tool, but already have had conversations with the Splunk team at my client to test the real time BT feed for this reason.

Thank you!