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​BT - filter result by unique IP


Hi dears,

Am actually stuck with a Business Transaction.

I need to create a BT that list which module of the website, people are using.

I don't have any problem to create the measure :

- get all URI patter nalues that contains /api/

then create a business transaction that will split on the last part of the URI to get the module name.

Here is the actual result :

Which mean that getLocale module was called 241 times., InvestmentProfileAccess was called 114 times etc..

My problem here is that if i drill down into my my result :

I can see that the api module is called multiple time for each ip address which is not normal and make the count number to appear "too high" (it looks like the api is called each time the user go on another tab in the same view)

If i look the detail of the 3 first purepath, the parameter "Signature" is the same

I would like to use this "Signature" parameter (i already have a measure to retrieve this value) for grouping.

So on my Business Transaction, get the number of times the /api/ is called per unique "signature" parameter value.

So in my exemple above, the investmentProfileAccess for the ip would count as 1 (instead of 3), because the "signature" value is the same on the 3 calls.

Here is my BT configuration, but i have no idea how i can define what i want.

Could you please help ?

thanks in advance




You can add your measure (assuming it is a Methods Parameter measure) to the Split Results section and you should get what you want. NOTE: you may want to copy this BT, and do this in the copy, and turn off "Store Results in the Performance Warehouse" because if too many unique splitting combinations occur, AppMon will disable your Business Transaction to prevent flooding the Performance Warehouse.

Hope that helps,

Rick B


Hi Rick,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I add this "signature" in my split result, and am now able to see the duplicates.

If i focus on the "editMemberData" calls, i can now see that there is only 6 calls in total ( instead of 30)

Now, my final goal would be to display that right number in the dashboard.

Something like : This "editMemberData" was called 6 times for unique contract number.

Is there a way to achieve that ?


To accomplish what you're looking for you'll need to use the UEM solution, in order to make counts by "page" or "user visit" instead of request