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BT measure for target URI with parameters



we are currently doing some anaylsis for a customer application.

We are trying to create a BT split by the target URI of an user action.

Right now we created a simple Measure based on the measure "Page Actions - Name" :

Our current problem is that the URI is like this:

And we are only interested in the last part after the # because this path contains some relevant information which transaction the user is really doing.

But if we use the measure like above the only splitting result is '/ ' . I assume that dynatrace interprets the # as the beginning of URI parameters.

Do we have any chance to either disable this or to use some other kind of measure? Has anybody some hint for us?

Best regards,




I would use your measure as a BT filter first just to select the relevant actions. I would then use a split measure by creating/modifying the "URI pattern value" measure to extract from the #.



I tried to use the measure your mentioned as a split measure in my BT. But it seems that this measure only covers the URL path and query and non of this is filed with the information from the "Target URI"

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


I might be wrong - but - I think everything after # is only interpreted by the browser and actually not sent to the web server. The # is just information for the browser to follow a local anchor.

Or can you see any URLs that are captured by dynatrace that contain the information after #?


Hello Andi

like shown in the report above the full URI (with the part after the # ) is visibile as a target URI, but we aren't able to extract the part after the # with a measure.

Best regards,

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Friederike,

Have you tried escaping the '/' character like so .*#\/(.*) ?

Hello Radu,

yes we did - but still the same result. We only can use the part before # everything behind is cutted.

I think this is a limitation of dynatrace. I tested this with the session Frederike sent me. I forwarded it to the engineering team as well. seems like our User Action - Name measure strips everything after # regardless of the transformation RegEx. I wait until engineering comes back with an answer. Its most likely not working in the moment though

Any chance you can export one of these visits and send them over to me?

Sure - you'll get an mail with some examples in a couple of minutes

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi again

I just got word from engineering that the current implementation will always just return the part of the URI without the anchor tag information. So - # and everything that comes afterwards is stripped. Thats the current implementation as it stands

They also told me that they have seen requests in the past where other users also tried to get the full URI incl anchor tag. Engineering is asking for a Product Idea (RFE) posting. I therefore posted this RFE - pls vote for it:


Do we heve any news?

I need urgent create some BT for target URL

I see that AppMon collect target url

but my BT is not working

Is it a software bug or I do something wrong?

Hi. This feature is currently implemented and will be available with Dynatrace 7. Dynatrace 7 is the next major release and is scheduled for early this year

Hi @Andreas G.,

Do I need to enable something in the UEM setting to see these anchor tags?

@Andreas G.

Is it available with 7.0.7? Because we are running on 7.0.7 and still seeing this behavior, able to capture everything after # in User Actions but could not create any measures out of it!

Hello Kyle K.

In AppMon 7 we have this opportunity

We need set flag of Include query and anchor as part of URL (in measeres - Page Action Name)

My splitting and filter measeres is working.

Good luck!