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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

BT with "AND" and "OR" logical conditions


Hi All,

I want to create a BT with below Measure in Filter with "AND" and "OR" logical conditions.

Measure 1 AND (Measure 2 OR Measure 3)

Below are different scenarios and expected result:

Measure 1: Purepath Contain some specific value

Measure 2: : Specific method should not be invoked

Measure 2: : If Specific method(mentioned in Measure 2) is invoked then it should not contain specific data

I have tried with below Logical conditions but it is not working

Is there any way to achive it


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Nitin D.

Is the value present in the User Action or in the Server-Side PurePath?

Did you configure the thresholds in the measures? Since filters are based on measures, you need to configure thresholds in the measures you are assigning for filtration.

Have a look on the below link in case something is missing in your current configuration.



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Im not sure if such conditional login in BT. Those filter are not conditional to each other in nested way you need.



Thanks @Babar Q.for your response.

All values present on different purepath, and all these purepath are present on SINGLE User Action. Hence I have created the User Action type BT.

Yeah, I have configured the thresholds for every measures.

My BT configuration are as below

And the Measure configuration are as below.

My requirement is to capture the No of Task completed successfully.

On Successful Completion a specific information(Result=Success) is getting logged (I m capturing it through the Measure- XX_ReturnValue_Successful).

In some scenarios information(Result=Success) is getting logged but the few post Completion processes are getting failing (like Fail to send the mail/ Fail to add the Loyalty points etc which are non-impacting process to End user ), in such case few specific error codes(like XYZ1100,XYZ3300 etc) are getting thrown through some generic method. We are considering such scenarios as 'failure' which we don't want to capture in this BT.

To exclude this kind of scenario, I have added 'XX_Invocation_NoError' and 'XX_Argument_NOTXYZErrorCodes' measures in 'FILTER.