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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Batch Server


We have a JAVA Batch Server ,which has some 'x' no of jobs running on them.
I have instrumented a java agent on the server and i am able to see batch process reporting in.

1. Do we need to utilise 10 licenses if i have 10 jobs to be monitored?

2. I would like to have individual chart with individual batch job uptime and downtime, is there any charting process which can accomodate this requirement?

Currently Appmon incident chart is reporting time when process was unavailable.



Hi Sandeep,

1. In general 1 Java license is consumed by 1 JVM in AppMon. So it depends how many JVMs on the mentioned batch server are running these jobs.

2. Try and find some element that allows you to distinguish the jobs from one another (e.g. executed method or argument value for which you can create and place a sensor - similar to creating the entry point for your batch job) and then create a business transaction (this video can help) that will either be collecting metrics for splittings that identify specific jobs or you can create 1 business transaction per job if this would be easier to implement. If you have a Dynatrace Guardian working with your team, he would be able to support you in defining the best strategy for your use case.

Hope this helps

Kind regards,