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Boot strap agent version 6.1 in Dynatrace V6.5


Upgraded dynatrace version from 6.1 to 6.5. Restarted the agent and that shows Version and Bootstrap Version remains same ( Is that ok to leave that or do we need to update that? How to update bootstrap version as well? Will agent restart wont help?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Ram,

To update the bootstrap version, you would need to update the actual agent binary files on your application. That is what the bootstrap version is essentially representing in this scenario.

I would recommend you guys doing that when you get the chance too (although I do not think there are any drastic drawbacks if you stay on the older binaries at this point).



Per this document it looks life once you're on 6.5 you'll at least need to have bootstrap agent 6.0 so you should be good:


Thank you Ari P. So you mean to update the actual agent binary files, you say we have to install 6.5 agent in the servers on top of existing version?



I was going to suggest just doing a fresh install but if that's not feasible, you'll be fine on the current setup as James pointed out.

Ok thank you. In case if I need to keep both agent version and boot strap agent version in the same level, I would need to install agent 6.5 and point to the latest dll?

Yup and restart the JVM ofcourse as well for the startup script change to take effect.