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Business Transaction Filter on the Absence of a Visit Tag


Does AppMon support a business transaction that filters on the absence of a filter measure instead of its presence?

Specifically, we are trying to create a business transaction that filters on visits that never get a visit tag. We want to track "non-secure" users (i.e. ones that never logged in) differently than logged-in users (or at least be able to get counts of each). I've tried something funky like setting the thresholds on a "click on sign on" user action to 0, or setting the filter UA's action name to "unequal" "click on sign on", but neither one works.

Is this functionality supported? Or is there another way to track this?

Kind Regards,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Yes, you should be able to get this to work. Typically how I'll go about it is to pick the filter criteria you would use if you wanted to INCLUDE that measure however instead of setting an upper threshold, set the lower severe threshold as zero. This will tell the buesiness transaction to only include transactions that did not include that measure (i.e the count is zero).

For what you want the simplest approach is if you can define a server side measure such as one that indicates a user is logged in. For instance, I can use a cookie with the username on web requests when they are logged in to identify logged in users. If you don't have something like this and maybe the actual log in page or method is the only time you can see this you may need to define the measure the same way but make it a "visit" based business transaction so that the entire visit is checked for that measure and if it isn't found (lower severe threshold of zero) it will fall into that business transaction.

(Note that Visit based BTs will only start displaying data once the visit is marked as completed since the entire visit must be analyzed first so it may be some time before data shows up).

Let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have questions,


Thanks James, that worked. I had tried using the user action as a filter without any success, but I was able to use the user ID header with a lower threshold of 0 and an aggregation of count to get only the visits that did not contain that header anywhere.

Kind Regards,