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Business Transaction Splitting Value Retention


We have defined a splitting value gathered from server variable attached to all requests.  We use this value in a business transaction to group purepaths by user. 


I have two questions related to this splitting value:


  1.  Is there a way we can leverage this splitting to track the number of concurrent users?

  2. How can we purge this metric from the performance warehouse once it has passed its usefulness?  We only need to retain these values for a finite amount of time (~3 months) and would like to purge older records to avoid unnecessary bloating of our performance warehouse.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Mike

If you would have UEM (User Experience Management) then you would automatically get Concurrent Users reported as dynaTrace UEM takes care of identifiying individual Visits. It might be a bit hard to figure out the "Concurrent USers" with your approach - But - here is a different thought: Typically AppServers (ASP.NET, JBoss, Tomcat, ...) provide performance counters for "concurrent sessions". Have you looked into that possibility?

If you continue with your approach then I can tell you that dynaTrace has an auto purge feature in the performance warehouse where measures from split values that didnt produce values in a while get automatically purged. For more details search for "auto purge" in the following doc page: Performance Warehouse Administration