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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Business Transaction count not charting correctly - getting "no measurements available for selected timeframe" or incorrect numbers


I have 3 user action business transactions that are all fairly similar for one of our applications in QA. We are not getting the correct results when we chart the count.

When I go to the business transaction dashlet I see a couple hits, but when I go to chart the count I will often get "no measurements available for selected timeframe" or occasionally I will get a number but it is less than the actual count that I am seeing in the business transaction chart.

Does anyone have any idea why this discrepancy might be occurring?

Here is the config for on of the BTs as well as the chart and BT dashlet I was looking at for that same BT:


Hi Steve,

Have you checked to make sure your aggregations are right? If so, could you upload a session file or at least some screenshots of the BT and charts?

I added the images to my original post - thanks for taking a look.
Let me know if you see anything or if not I could see if I can grab a session file for you if you still want.