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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Business Transaction for a SQL and URL invocated

Hello All!

I am trying to do a Business transaction that shows me the Pages that are calling an specific SQL. I already created a measure for the SQL. However, I am trying to apply a splitting in order to group the different pages based on an attribute (that all my pages should have). In this point is where I am getting stuck. After I add the split, nothing gets captured. Then, I am not so sure if I am doing the correct step.

I attach the screenshot as reference.

Thank you for the help!


bt01.png bt02.png bt03.png



Have you tried adding your Splitting Measure into your Filter & using the AND logic? Your scope of the data you are capturing via your initial measure might not be broad enough.



Hi Sanjeetih

Yup, I tried but I don't get any results.

Now, I am pretty sure is capturing the correct requests, since when I drill down on the purepaths obtained just by the measure (without the filter in the screenshot), I got the pages with the parameter I am looking for.

So if you took out all your splittings in your BT and drill down to the BTs result's, do you see the /server/url URI with the query and Request attribute you have defined?

If possible could you post a session file with a couple of these sample purepaths and BT in question included?


That's correct.I got them.

Yes, I can send you the files. However, can you give me an email or repository. I cannot post them in the forum.

Thank you!

I'll get a response back to you tomorrow Ageo.


Hey Sanj!

Do you had a chance to review the issue? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Ageo,

I never received an email and it didn't make it to my spam box... maybe try resending it?


Hey Sanj! I just sent it. Please let me know if you received it. Thank you!

I received it.... I will hopefully get to it later today or tomorrow Ageo!


Hi Sanj!

Do you receive my last reply? Not sure if I explained clearly this time. Please let me know if you need further details.


Hey Ageo,

I sent a reply at 1:51 pm yesterday... let me know if I should resend my response!



Please send it again. Sorry, I don't see it on my inbox. Thanks!

Hey Ageo,

I sent it to your personal email. Hopefully it makes its way to you this time :P.


Hi Sanj!

My apologies for the inconvenience. This time I got your mail and explanation. I was able to do the splitting. I noticed that in your approach, you removed the Application option splitting. As well, I see that you didn't use the "(.*)" as regex for the value of the parameter. This was interesting.

Now, I have to let you know that, I didn't get initially the splitting as you. I received this "<..>". I changed a little bit the splitting options to "Restrict to: Maximum number of splitting to : 5000".

After this, I am getting the splitting that I expected.

Thank you very much Sanj! I learned a lot today 🙂

Hey Ageo,

You can add the Application to the splitting, I just took it off during my testing period.

I didn't need to use the Regex because my measure was based off the Parameter Values which are captured(If you right click details on the web request in the PurePath Node tree). Your measure was based on the Request Attribute Value.

Correct, I was only working with the sample data you gave me so I didn't know how large the sample set would be but I'm glad to hear you made it work :).

No Problem Ageo!