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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Business Transaction => Filter => Aggregate – explanation



Please tell me about business transaction filters.

I always do not know which one to choose when setting up a businesstransaction.

I want to know the meaning of the items that can be selected at the point of aggregation.

I found an article with a similar question, the link in the comment was broken, I did not understand.

Please let me know.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello @Kaori N.

Have a look on the below link for the 'Glossary - measures and charting'.




Actually, is an important one...

They are different. The filter is the selector of purepaths, the condition that every purepath must meet to go "in" the BT, and calculate results on it. It may be a method call, a web request, certain kind of query...The filters assures that every single purepath that composes the BT results match the criteria defined on it.

The aggregate (split results) is the way to group the purepaths that pass in the BT. For example, you define a filter based on a method call (for example: login). Once you have as a result all the purepaths that are from login, you may want to split them by username, or location, or whatever rather than the methohd itself (all of them would be the same group login in this last case, what gives no more info to farther analysis).

Hope this help to clarify your doubts!